Birth. Conspire. Be Upset.


Punch: Nothing Lasts

Brick after brick the wall went up. Now the cement has dried and I’m on the other side. I hear your call but I can’t see you. I don’t know how to let you in. What’s keeping me together is keeping me apart.

quick someone

donate $300 to me.
then I can:
go to the supercross tomorrow
see Keith Morris on Sunday
then see Oi polloi next Thursday
and celebrate record store day comfortably. ;))

I don’t know why I know all the lyrics to this song or where it came from but this version is goood. KEXP I love you.


tumblr you fail me.......over-dramatic much? yeah. yes.

Wednesday in Centralia,Washington. Go Mosh.


Wednesday in Centralia,Washington. Go Mosh.

Resurrection: 201-202

Nobody can wholeheartedly do anything unless he believes that his activity is important and good. Therefore, whatever a man’s position may be, he is bound to take that view of human life in general that will make his own activity seem important and good. People usually imagine that a thief, a murderer, a spy, a prostitute, knowing their occupation to be evil, must be ashamed of it. But the very opposite is true. Men who have been placed by fate and their own sins or mistakes in a certain position, however irregular that position may be, adopt a view of life as a whole which makes their position appear to them good and respectable. In order to back up their view of life they instinctively mix only with those who accept their ideas of life and of their place in it. This surprises us when it is a case of thieves bragging of their skill, prostitutes flaunting their depravity or murders boasting of their cruelty. But it surprises us only because their numbers are limited and —this is the point— we live in a different atmosphere.

But can we not observe the same phenomenon when the rich boast of their wealth, i.e. of robbery; when commanders of armies pride themselves on their victories, i.e. on murder; and when those in high places vaunt their power- their brute force? We do not see that their ideas of life and of good and evil are corrupt and inspired by a necessity to justify their position, only because the circle of people with such corrupt ideas is a larger one and we belong to it ourselves.


32. A tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula nestled within 5 acres of state-protected forest. It was moved up onto a mountain near Lake Cushman by the owner, the builder, and a local man with a dozer.

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I neeed to move out of this damnn city.

I am so unsettled.

I am so bored.

I am making myself crazy.